Northern Respiratory Specialist

Circadian Rhythm disorders. are common and often unrecognized.  These disorders result from loss of synchronization between body’s internal clock  and day-night cycle.


Some of the commonly seen disorders are


1.      Delayed phase circadian rhythm disorder- This often affects young adults.  Patient can not fall asleep until 2-4 AM and can not get up before 11 AM to 12 noon.  If demands of college or work require them to get up early,  they are tired and sleepy the rest of the day. 

2.      Advance phase circadian rhythm disorder – Patient get irresistible desire to sleep around 6-8 PM and then they wake up at 2-3 AM. They can not fall back to sleep no matter how hard they try or take sleeping pills.  This interferes with social activities and may even result in marital difficulties.

3.      Irregular sleep awake cycle- Older patient and nursing home patients are often affected.  Patient naps often during the day time and sleep at night is broken in 2-3 hours segments. 


Most of these disorders can be easily corrected.  If you think I can be of help please let me know.